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Tancredi de Alta-Villa: Drogo...atque Umfridus, Willermus et Hermannus, Rotbertus cognomento Wiscardus et Rogerius et sex fratres eorum, Willermus de Monsteriolo et Ernaldus de Grentemaisnilio among those who left Normandy and settled in Apulia, although it is unlikely that all these individuals arrived at the same time (particularly the sons of Tancred de Hauteville who, as can be verified from other primary sources, arrived in two waves).

Tancreds son, Guillaume, was elected count in Sep 1042.

Their conquest of the island of Sicily was completed by 1091, and in 1127 the duchy of Apulia and the county of Sicily were combined under the rule of Count Roger II who, in 1130, was able to pressure the pope into investing him as king.

The emergence of the kingdom of Sicily as a new power in the 12th century changed the diplomatic balance of the European medieval world.

On his death in 1458, Sicily reverted to the crown of Aragon, while his illegitimate son Ferrante succeeded as king of Naples. The Annales Barenses record that "Longobardia cum Mele" rebelled in 1010, captured "Curcua" (Kourkouas, Byzantine katepan) 9 May, made war "in Betete" where many Barenses were killed, adding that "Ismael" made war against the Greeks "in Monte Peluso" where Pasiano fell.

Lupus Protospatarius records that "rebellio" started in May 1009, without mentioning the leaders, adds that the Muslims captured Cosenza in the same year, that "Curcus" died in 1010 and "Basilius catepanus Marsedonici" arrived in Mar 1010.

A Papal bull dated 1024, organising the ecclesiastical province of Canosa-Bari, shows that the Byzantines held Bari, Canosa, Meduno, Giovenazzo, Melfi, Rubo, Trani, Canne, Minervino, Aquatecta, Montemelo, Lavello, Cisterna, Bitalbi, Salpi, Conversano, Polignano, and Ecatera at that date.No further details of this expedition have been found.Nor has it been ascertained whether at that time any of the visitors settled permanently in southern Italy and left descendants.It is assumed that it was some time during his visit to Germany that Emperor Heinrich II created him Duke of Apulia, a title which is attributed to Melus in later German sources (see below) but which he could never have used in Southern Italy as he died while still in Germany.Lupus Protospatarius records that "Mel cum aliquantis Francis" fled "ad Enerichum imperatorem" in 1019, and that "Melis dux Apuli" died in 1020.

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