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"It could be a problem that doesn't concern you or something he doesn't want to weigh you down with.

If your communication hasn't been compromised, it's nothing to worry about."But if the curiosity is killing you, try to read between the lines.

"This mouth motion shows that he's trying to verbalize a thought," says Givens.

"When a person has something to say, the brain sends a message to the lips and tongue to start shaping the sentiment.

"Guys appreciate it when you do something with them that they love even though it's not your thing, because it shows you're willing to put their needs first," says Levkoff. "This reflex signals the speaker is feeling anxious, which is often how people feel when they're afraid they'll leak information," says Givens.So unless you want him to retreat to Siberia, do a disappearing act until he seems to be in a better mood...whether it's for a few minutes or a couple of hours."It may take the average guy 20 minutes to an hour to relax and fully process a situation; however, it's crucial for you to allow him that time period to think," says psychotherapist Jonathan Robinson, author of Communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict."Then when he seems more relaxed, return to whatever the topic of conversation was beforehand and he will be more likely to spill."He's Totally Whipped You may already know, or at least sense, that your guy digs you, but there's a subtle way his face will tip you off that he's feeling extra smitten.While looking at you, he'll tilt his head and slightly shrug his shoulder on the same side.

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