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At Elite Singles our members include professional, educated Austin singles looking for a long-term relationship.Our aim is to help them meet men and women with whom they will be truly compatible.Cupid's arrow can land in the unlikeliest places – though not, surely, in the long rough, where my own drive has ended up."How good you are at golf doesn't matter," she says gallantly, as we find my ball, snarled up in a gorse bush.I spend a lot of time correcting the spelling in members' profiles. Why can't she just ask me how to spell diptych or onomatopoeia, rather than expecting me to thread a tiny white ball two hundred yards between two Sahara-sized bunkers?I'm a stickler for spelling." A stickler for spelling? Perhaps the oddest thing about our day together is how little my incompetence as a golfer dilutes the pleasure of the occasion.From a cursory inspection of the website, most of the female members of TEEfore TWO are hewn from the same wood as Rampton: 40 or 50-somethings; middle-class; comfortably off; widowed, divorced or separated; hopeful, but not desperate, for love; golf-mad, in some cases, but not golf-obsessed."My handicap is coming down," writes one typical golfing singleton.

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Not only is our fully mobile-optimized dating platform a great way to meet vibrant, interesting people, it's a great way to meet those with whom you have a lot in common. Thriving, weird, creative, cool; home to Silicon Hills start-up executives, government employees and musicians alike, Austin is a city with personality."If people just want to get off with someone, they would be better looking somewhere else. Of course." She tees up, assumes the address position, gives a purposeful wiggle and spanks a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway.We are a web community of people with a shared interest. "In fact, I believe a couple of our members have recently become an item.' Rampton met her own partner, Michael Rayment, the co-founder of TEEfore TWO, at a golf event, so she is living testimony that a game not widely associated with sex appeal is rich in hidden possibilities."Our members are people who, whether they are good, bad or indifferent players, understand the charm of golf," says Rampton. "Golf is also a sport where good manners are important – a good basis for any relationship." Find love with the Telegraph’s dating service.

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