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Also, the animation looked pretty good in this episode. I didn't get what Naruto did with his clones because Shikamaru was the one that stopped them..

And also I don't understand how can Hinata collapse after that? Sasuke cute smile when he saw the cat eat the rice omg.

that retarded old guy denying help to the thunder guy after all the help those guys gave to the village... i didnt read anything after chapter 700 (other than like 3 chapters of boruto) also ya hinata fainted after hitting once..that chakra is supposed to be special or whatever and hinata was never strong to begin with So i went back and watched the first Naruto episode, Compared it to this.

Does anyone else feel like the anime is maturing and growing up with the fanbase?

That's probably why she was fatigued - SP wanted to allude to her pregnancy most likely.

Being unable to restrain the first wave before they exploded made sense. I haven't seen the new movie some of you guys mentioned, but I'm not so sure the anime show necessarily has to be connected to the movies, as far as timelines are concerned.

I mean it started off as a more kid geared anime IMO. I mean it even had an awkward phase for like 2 years (As in it was just not entertaining and borring... I think this is set shortly after the war and goes before Konoha hiden , which as I know adapts only the wedding assuming Boruto was born after the wedding.

EDIT : But in one reddit article it states that Sasuke Shinden takes place after The last.. And it also states that it is after Shikamaru and Konoha hiden.

But on the The Last Sasuke's attire is different from the one we see in this episodes... I loved this tbh To see our beloved characters grown up and in good animation is awesome. Sasuke Sasuke everything Sasuke (and yes, fire beats water if water is for circus acts and fire is for killing alien gods)Thought the episode was mediocre in terms of story, I agree with the posts above regarding seeing the cast grown up and the animation for Choji's ability was awesome. XD I disliked how they portrayed Hinata falling from just poking that one enemy.

Funny how the kid thought he could win against Sasuke though haha. Too bad it doesn't seem like he will return to the Konoha for a while...

I will on hold to my ship alone then hahacute moments with hinata and tsundere sakura =D also when sasuke gave the food to the cats wtf those bomb guys...

I have to admit, this got slightly crazy at first but does get into a better feel as it focuses on Sasuke.

---------------------------------------- Hm so the show is back after a 2-week break.

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