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Back in my college days, my buddies and I used to haunt the little watering hole in hopes of finding a gal and bringing her upstairs to a room.None of us ever succeeded, but the nostalgia was enough to hook me.The skin on her dainty shoulders glistened in a shade of light brown as she tossed her hair back.Her long, sleek legs were still clad in black stockings as she stepped to the dresser, tugging at her ear to remove an earring.

She chatted on the phone for several minutes, then finally sauntered over. As pretty and petite as she was, it stopped me cold. As if trying to speak, he moved his lower jaw, but then huffed and sipped his beer. Leaning her elbows on the bar, she offered a coy smile. It's a slow night, so you're up, slugger." My mouth went numb as a bolt of shock crackled through me.The pretty, middle-age blonde offered a pleasant smile as she stirred her drink.She kept her dark brown eyes trained on me as she sipped through the straw.I checked in on the weekend, so I didn't need to work the next day.After chomping down half a pizza from a local place, I plodded into Harriet's Pub. The stench of stale beer hit my nose the moment I opened the door.

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